Cevital’s Kheima

Published on 13-06-2016

If you’re looking for a nice family evening in Ramadan, Cevital is pleased to invite you to “Kheymatkoum by Cevital”, and new concept, a mobile kheyma which will cross the Algerian roads and stop at 3 cities: Algiers, Mostaganem and Bouira.

In the program of this new concept you will find parties animated by renowned artists such as: Khassani, Ouled El Hadja Meghnia, El Dey band and many other surprises! You will also find a playing space with consoles dedicated to children.

For the adults, a raffle is organized every evening with a Brandt product as a prize!

To join these evenings whether you’re in Algiers, Mostaganem or Bouira all you have to o is buy a ticket (1500 DZD) valid for two persons + children.

Here is the Program:

 Algiers – Esplanade Riad El Feth:

  • 15-06 : Diwane El Bahdja
  • 16-06 : Samir El Assimi
  • 17-06 : Mohamed Khassani & Samir El Assimi
  • 18-06 : El Dey Band

Mostaganem - UNO Shopping Center Mostaganem :

  • 23-06 : Ouled El Hadja Meghnia
  • 24-06 : Mohamed Khassani & Samir El Assimi
  • 25-06 : El Dey Band

Bouira - UNO Shopping Center Bouira:

  • 30-06 : Massi
  • 01-07 : Freeklane
  • 02-07 : Jugurta

For more information, join the facebook community on the pages Cevital Culinaire and Cevital Vitalité.