The Lime and CO2 kiln unit in El Khroub proposes liquid CO2 obtained after rigorous analysis in order to meet the food security recommendation and to offer the best product in the market.

The liquid CO2 from El Khroub is transported in liquid form from the factory by road in tankers with the capacity of 20T for different uses such as catering, soft drinks preparation and racking, PH regulation…


  • Catering
  • Soft drinks reparation and racking of soft drinks
  • PH regulation
  • Food industry, fresh products conditioning under protective atmosphere (salads, meat…).


The liquid CO2 is distributed in tanks with the capacity of 20T.

Nutritional Ingredients

CO2 product specifications Value
Temperature -24oC
Pressure 17bara
CO2 purity [%v/v]
H2O  Max.5[ppmv/v]
Oxygen  Max.5[ppmv/v]
Hydrogen  Max.1[ppmv/v]
Nitrogen  Max.20[ppmv/v]
Ammoniac  Max.2.5[ppmv/v]
Nitric oxide  Max.2.5[ppmv/v]
Nitrogen dioxide  Max.2.5[ppmv/v]
Nonvolatile residue  Max.10[ppmv/v]
Nonvolatile organic residue  Max.1[ppmw/w]
Phosphine  Max.0.3[ppmw/w]
Total hydrocarbon  Max.10[ppmv/v]
Acetaldehyde  Max.0.2[ppmv/v]
Aromatic hydrocarbon  Max.0.2[ppmv/v]
Carbon monoxide  Max.1[ppmv/v]
Sulfide dioxide  Max.1[ppmv/v]
Sulphite hydrogen  Max.0.1[ppmv/v]
Carbon sulphite  Max.0.1[ppmv/v]
Carbon disulphide  Max.0.1[ppmv/v]
Mercaptans  Max.0.1[ppmv/v]
Dimethyl sulfite  Max.0.1[ppmv/v]
Hydrogen cyanide  Max.0.5[ppmv/v]
Vinyl chloride  Max.0.1[ppmv/v]
Ethylene oxide  Max.0.1[ppmv/v]
Methanol  Max.1[ppmv/v]
Ethanol  Max.1[ppmv/v]
Total other oxygenating volatile  Max.1[ppmv/v]


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