The brown sugar Skor Cevital is a high quality sugar that offers security throughout all the manufacturing steps by guaranteeing a sugar that meets your quality requirements.

The Brown Sugar Skor Cevital is also a product that suits the diverse professional usage.

The brown sugar Skor Cevital is obtained from sugar cane; it’s a long cooking that will give it its golden color, called in this case “cassonade”.

This cane sugar is the result of the first cane juice extraction later crystallized.

This hardly refined brown sugar still filled with treacle offers aromatics notes of vanilla, caramel, flavoring everything you make while staying natural.


The brown sugar Skor Cevital is used in many fields:

  • Biscuit manufacturing
  • Confectionery
  • Ice Cream
  • Jam
  • Pastry


The brown sugar Skor Cevital is available in three formats:

  • 25 KG
  • 50 KG
  • 1000 KG BIG BAG

Nutritional Ingredients

For a 100g of brown sugar Skor Cevital


Energetic value 387 Kcal1650 KJ
Proteins 0,12g
Carbohydrates 96,7g
Total sugars 96,7g

Total fat


Saturated fatty acid




Fiber 0,00g
Sodium 41,5mg


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