Created nearly 20 years ago by M.Issad Rebrab, Cevital knew how to impose itself as a big name in the food industry.

Cevital food industry is indeed the current leader in Africa and the Mediterranean basin in sugar and vegetal oil markets.

Our products still have an unbeatable quality and are also exported to many countries in Europe, North Africa, West Africa and the Middle East.

The sugar exported by Cevital represents 1/3 of the total sugar exported by the European Union (UE 27/28) which makes it a major player in the sugar market.

Since 2010, more than 3 million tons of sugar has been exported to more than 40 countries, Cevital’s production represents more than 10% of all the produced sugar in the European Union.

Among Cevital’s clients you can find important names such as Coca-cola, Kraft Food, Danone, Ferrero, Barry Callebaut, Andros, Refresco, Nutriset…

Cevital is also 3.5 billion dollars turnover and aspires to reach 25 billion dollars by 2025.