Happiness is Skor!

Enter a world where sweetness is the master!

Skor Cevital counts three main products of high quality white sugar that will accompany you and add sweetness and happiness to your shared moments every day.

Skor Cevital is available in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg bags, a 1kg pouring bag and also in 500g and 750g cubes.

Skor Cevital is a product with manufacturing quality system certified ISO 22000.


The New Shape of Happiness

The white granulated sugar Skor Cevital is mainly used for all your desserts, cakes, pastry and any other delicious sweet recipes.

White Sugar in a Pouring bag

The white granulated sugar Skor Cevital in a pouring bag will be your best ally for sweet preparations.

Thanks to its simple usage and weight ruler, you can forget about the measuring cup and make room to precision for successful cakes every time.

White sugar in cubesWhite sugar in cubes

The white sugar Skor Cevital in cubes is ideal to sweeten your hot drinks (milk, coffee, tea…) and thanks to the cardboard packaging, the sugar keeps a perfect conservation quality and won’t be altered by humidity.

Nutritional values

For a 100g of  sugar Skor Cevital

Energy 400 KCAL/ 1700 KJ
Carbohydrates 100g
Total Sugars 100g

Total fat


Saturated fatty acids




Saturated fatty acids 0,0g
Proteins 0,0%
Sodium 0,01g