Skor Cevital Brown: 100% Cane Sugar

The brown sugar Skor Cevital is a 100% pure natural cane; it doesn’t contain any colorant and is distinguished by its amber color and authentic taste.

The brown sugar Skor Cevital is the ideal product for all the gourmets, indeed it gives more taste to pies, cakes and biscuits like cookies.

It will flavor all your fruit jams and buns but it will also sweeten your hot drinks (tea, coffee).

The brown sugar Skor Cevital is available in 1kg bag, 750g pouring bang and in 750g cubes.


Nutritional values

For a 100g of brown sugar Skor Cevital

Energetic value

387 Kcal

1650 KJ

Proteins 0,12g
Carbohydrates 96,7g
Total sugars 96,7g

 Total fat


Saturated fatty acid

Fiber 0,00g
Sodium 41,5mg