The professionals use oil every day while practicing their trade, from frying to whitewashing, food cooking and of course baking traditional cakes.

Specially developed to meet the HORECA requirements, Fridor oil has all the qualities of a multi-usage oil while being economic at the same time.

Fridor is a 100% vegetal oil guaranteed without cholesterol, its manufacturing quality system is certified ISO 22000.

Available format: 10L.

Maximum temperature recommended when used: 180°.

Nutritional Ingredients

For 100g of Fridor oil

Energy 900 KCAL/ 3700 KJ

100g with

Saturated fatty acids:15g

monounsaturated fatty acids:24

gpolyunsaturated fatty acids: 61g

Cholesterol None
Proteins 0g
Carbohydrates 0g
Vitamin E 90mg (750% AJR)


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