La Parisienne is the perfect layering margarine for the professionals (bakery, pastry), it allows you to get a light, crusty and homogeneous layering.

La Parisienne is a margarine that offers a perfect result to all the professionals looking for security, fastness and reactivity in order to give high quality products.

La Parisienne is available in 500g pat format.

La Parisienne is a product with manufacturing quality system certified ISO 22000.

Nutritional Ingredients

La Parisienne is composed of refined vegetal oils and fat (sunflower, palm, and coconut), water and salt.

 Energy  740 KCAKL/ 3000 KJ


82g with:

Saturated fatty acids: 50g

Poly trans fatty acids: <1g

 Cholesterol None
 Proteins  0g
 Carbohydrates  0g
Salt  0.8g



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