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  • Blend the date's dough with the products mentionned above. Keep it apart when you get a soft ball.
  • In a big terrine, pour the semolina and the salt, and blend it together.
  • Create a little empty spot in it  and pour the melted smen. Blend everything very well so the smen can blend nicely. Let it rest apart.
  • With the orange-flower water, wet the dough without kneading, and mix lightly. When the dough is in the shape of a ball, keep it apart, covered with a clingfilm
  • Make a roll with a big part of the dough. With your index finger, dig a hole at the center lenghtwise.
  • Roll a small pudding with the date's dough and put it in the hole previously made. Roll the dough around it to cover it with a 2cm filling between the dough and the date's dough.
  • With a mold, push into the roll to get the shape of a makrout.
  • Cut the roll in a diamond-shaped pieces and put it aside, before putting it in the oven . Renew the same methodology until you no longer have dough. To avoid burning them, keep little to no space between the diamond-shaped pieces.
  • Preheat the oven à 175° C and put the plate to cook for about 30 minutes. Keep an eye on the dish. It has to have a brownish color, at the surface and outside to be well-cooked. Once done and fully cooked,  soak them in honey.

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