Our HR Policy

The Human Resources policy of Cevital Agro-industry is in line with the main development axes of Cevital and its vision of the future by 2025.

This policy is based on three main axes:

  • A good foresight
  • A reliable social and professional environment
  • Quality recruitment 

Implementing a foresight process within an HR department is the key to ensure a prosperous future for the company.

Indeed, to lead is to anticipate and a foresight process is implemented to ensure a quality future but also to counter the complexity of a professional environment.

Foresight consists of preparing the ground for the induced upheavals and changes that could hinder a proper functioning of the company.

Cevital's HR policy also focuses on quality recruitment because success relies definitely on quality and involvement of employees.

This is why Cevital has always dedicated considerable financial resources to make training a lever of personal development with a positive impact on the organization as follows:

  • Creation of the "Company’s University"
  • Launch of ADN program to integrate culture of the company
  • Implementation of Welch Way program
  • Creation of a pool from which will be selected the managers who will manage the new and numerous development projects
  • Establishment of an annual assessment system
  • Adapting and redesigning the organization to meet the challenges of tomorrow (PWC)
  • Launch talent management
  • A 100% implementation of training sessions for all staff categories. 

Ignoring reflection on work organization would be mistake. Cevital attaches great importance to it in order to accompany its employees by creating a pleasant social and professional environment.

A decent salary and many benefits are granted to our employees, including a good working atmosphere as well as personal development prospects respecting the values of the company such as integrity, respect, initiative and solidarity.

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