Cevital Jam

For breakfast lovers, or for cake makers, let yourself be tempted by Cevital’s  creamy jams.

Cevital selects the best ingredients to prepare jams with 100% Algerian fruits. Creamy and without pieces, to please young and old alike.

Pour les nostalgiques du goût de  l’enfance, une tartine napée de confiture d’abricots ou de figues  à l’ancienne, pour vous rappeler le véritable goût des confitures maison de nos grands mères, embarquement immédiat pour une réelle expérience gustative.

For the nostalgic of the childhood  taste, a toast with apricot jam or old-fashioned figs, to remind you of the true taste of homemade jams of our grandmothers, immediate boarding for a real taste experience.

Cevital jams are available in two flavors Apricot and figs, in cans of 400g and 800g.

Nutritional values

For 100g of Apricot Jam:

Energy  268.7 KCAL
Lipids <0.1g
Proteins  0.3g
Carbohydrates  66.5g
Fibers  0.3g

For 100g of Figs Jam:

Energy  231 KCAL
Lipids  0.4g
Proteins  0.3g
Carbohydrates  56.7g