Lalla Khedidja, pure by nature!

Lalla Khedidja is natural non-sparkling water that finds its source in the snowy mountains of Djurdjura, its geological path is protected against any pollution.  

While getting slowly through the rocks, the water naturally gets charged with mineral essentials which give it an incomparable purity and lightness.

Because of its low minerality, Lalla Khedidja is recommended for diuresis cure aiming to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones.

Thanks to its low sodium rate and its neutral PH, Lalla Khedidja is strongly recommended against hypertension.

Lalla Khedidja is also highly recommended for pregnant women as well as for baby bottles preparation.

Lalla Khedidja is available in PET packaging in two formats: Family 1.5L and Individual 0.5L.

Nutritional values


For 100g of Smen Medina

Potassium  0.54 mg/L
Calcium 53 mg/L
Sulfate 7 mg/L
Magnesium 7 mg/L
Sodium  5.5 mg/L
Chlorides  11 mg/L
Nitrate  0.42 mg/L
Nitrite 0 mg/L
Fluor  0.26 mg/L
Dry residues 187 mg/L
Bicarbonates 160 mg/L
PH  7.22