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Harissa Sauce Elio

Our delicious Harissa sauce with a strong taste is the perfect partner to spice up your dishes, it goes wonderfully good with sandwiches, tacos, chawarma, fries, grilled meats...

  • Product advantages

    • Made with fresh ingredients : fresh chilli, fresh garlic.
    • Perfect balance between spiciness, sugar and acidity.
    • Controlled dosage thanks to the stop-drip cap
  • Composition

    Fresh red pepper, fresh garlic, a tasty blend of spices (coriander and caraway)
  • Storage conditions

    • Storage temperature before opening : room temperature (between 20° and 25°)
    • Storage temperature after opening: cold (6°)
    • Store in a clean place away from heat and humidity
  • Expiration date

    12 months after production date and 1 month after opening


Harissa Sauce 235g