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Speciale Frying Oil FLEURIAL

The « Special Frying » Fleurial Oil is the perfect choice for cooking lovers looking for a superior frying experience. Its specially designed formula guarantees perfect cooking, with a crispy texture on the outside and a tasty tenderness on the inside.
The Fleurial « Special Frying » oil is composed of a blend of noble oils based on rapeseed, sunflower and nutmeg, thus offering an authentic and delicious taste to all your frying and cooking.
You can use it with confidence, without the risk of smoke or unpleasant taste.
Make Fleurial oil "Special Frying" essential ingredient of your fried dishes !

  • Product advantages

    • High quality oil (composed of sunflower and rapeseed oils).
    • Guarantees a crispy texture.
    • High heat resistance, Fleurial oil does not smoke or burn (reusable up to 10 times).
  • Storage conditions

    • To preserve the nutritional quality of Fleurial, put the bottle away from the sun and heat sources.
    • Close the bottle after each use.
    • Renew the whole bath after about ten frying.
    • Maximum recommended temperature 180°c.
  • Expiration date

    12 month


Speciale Frying Oil FLEURIAL 1.8L