Cevital Food Industry

Created in 1998 as an affiliated company to the Cevital Group, Cevital Food industry is a leader in the food sector and also the biggest private complex in Algeria.

Cevital Food Industry is the leader in Africa and the Mediterranean Basin in the sugar and vegetal oil market.

Cevital Food industry is from the beginning established in the Bejaia Port (Algeria) and has many production units:

  • 2 sugar refineries
  • 1 liquid sugar unit
  • 1 oil refinery
  • 1 margarine factory
  • 1 mineral water conditioning unit
  • 1 refreshing drinks manufacturing and conditioning unit
  • 1 cannery

Possessing many port silos and a port unloading terminal with a capacity of 2000 tons/hour makes Cevital food industry the first port unloading terminal in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cevital Food Industry offers high quality products to the consumers but also to the manufacturers thanks to its competitive prices, its expertise, the modernity of its production units, the strict quality control but most of all thanks to a very developed distribution network.

Cevital Food Industry exports its products to many countries, especially in Europe, the Maghreb, Middle East and West Africa.

Cevital Food Industry has big names of the food industry field among its client such as: Coca-Cola, Kraft Food and Danone.