TCHINA, the flavor that brings us together!

TCHINA is a range of juices with a minimum fruit content of 12%, based on purees and fruit concentrates.  Available in PET with 3 formats; 2L, 1L and 33CL, and 25CL returnable bottle. 

A unique taste: no need to be an expert to know that TCHINA has an exquisite taste, a real organoleptic pleasure, with its new flavors, diverse, original and innovative, TCHINA will seduce young and old, so that your moments of sharing between family and friends are all the more joyful.

At every moment: TCHINA can be enjoyed at any time of the day: breakfast, diner, at the office, on the go ... etc.

Tchina range

Variants and formats for all: TCHINA is available in several flavors: orange, peach orange, apricot orange, mango orange, tropical cocktail, red fruits and apple, in a family and individual format to please everyone, everyone with their preferences.

Orange New recepie

An exceptional orange scent, a sunny color, and a creamy texture, what's more pleasant to start your day with.

For 100ml of juice

Energy 45 KCAL


Proteins  0.11g
Lipids  0.024g


Peach orange

The sweetness of the peach combined with the flavor of orange forming a balanced mixture to start your day with

For 100ml of juice

Energy 53.7 KCAL
Carbohydrates 13.10 g
Proteins  0.10 g
Lipids  0.10 g


Mango Orange

The tangy notes of orange and the sweetness of mango, come together to give you an exceptional exotic taste.

For 100ml of juice:

Energy 55 KCAL
Carbohydrates 13.73 g
Proteins  0.09 g
Lipids  0.04 g

Apricot Orange

Each sip is a concentrate of freshness, the acidity of the orange and the sweetness of the apricot harmoniously associated, for a juice combining pleasure and nutritious supply.

For 100ml of juice:

Energy  55 KCAL
Carbohydrates 13.20 g
Proteins  0.10 g
Lipids  0.20 g


Red Fruits

A wonderful combination of red fruits for a succulent juice and an instant freshness

For 100ml of juice:

Energy  49 KCAL
Carbohydrates  12.19 g
Proteins  0.06 g
Lipids 0.03 g