We offer you the best with La Parisienne!

La Parisienne is the ultimate margarine for layering; it allows you to obtain a light, crisp and homogenous layering.

La Parisienne allows all the housekeepers looking for safety, rapidity and reactivity to have the perfect result, in order to offer good quality products.

La Parisienne is available in 500g containers.

La Parisienne is a product with a certified ISO 22000 quality manufacturing system.


La Parisienne is composed if vegetal refined oils and fat (sunflower, palm, copra), water, skimmed milk and salt.

Nutritional values

For 100g of La Parisienne margarine

Energy 740 KCAL/ 3000 KJ

82g with

Saturated fatty acids: 50g

Poly trans fatty acids: <1g

Cholesterol None
Proteins 0g
Carbohydrates 0 g