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food liquid CO2

Our carbon dioxide (CO2) comes from the calcination of limestone between 1,100 – 1,200°C to produce quicklime CaO with a release of smoke gases mainly CO2, following the chemical reaction CaCO3 + T° 🡪 CaO + CO2, then the CO2 will be recovered to undergo a treatment of washing, extraction, absorption-separation of the CO2 molecule, elimination of odors and compression, dehumidification, liquefaction, storage and shipping.
Our CO2 is ultra pure, with a purity of 99.99+ Medical Grade. Our production capacity is 80tons/day.
In food (carbonated drinks) and industrial (filling fire extinguisher bottles)
Loading and transportation
Loading is done by process supervisors, following a transfer of liquid CO2 finished product from the storage tanks to our tank trucks with a capacity of 20 tons, or even to customer tanks with a pressure of 15 to 17 bar and a temperature of -24°C.
Transport is done by specific tank trucks for food CO2.
Storage mode
Stored in a well ventilated place, in 420 ton capacity tanks at 24°C and 17bar.
Our CO2 is a Food Grade product, FSSC22000 V5.1 certified; ISO 9001 V2015 and AIRBORNE USA.